Kickstart Keto Challenge

Could Keto Work For You?

Everyone’s talking about the keto diet, and for good reason!

Countless studies have successfully proven that following a ketogenic, low-carb diet can help you lose weight. The keto diet encourages this by increasing protein and fat intake and lowering carbohydrates.

When followed correctly in a healthy, balanced, and macro-aware manner, a ketogenic diet helps to reduce the intake of complex sugars, replacing them with more nutritious and wholesome fat and protein sources. This increases the body’s ability to burn and process stored fat cells. This can help to speed up your metabolism and cause excess weight to burn off quicker. Not only this, but it also makes weight loss more sustainable.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to try the keto diet are, it helps to gain a little bit more clarity and insight into it before you undertake it as a lifestyle. That’s why this challenge will be of benefit to you! You’ll learn what you need to know to successfully transition into a ketogenic diet through these step by step, realistic challenges.

Ensuring proper nutrition throughout this time is so important and the key to lasting keto success!

Meet The Host Of Kickstart Keto Challenge, Carolyn Chaya Battino

My name is Carolyn Chaya Battino, the leader of Kickstart Keto Challenge, and I am motivated to help those curious about starting a ketogenic diet and healthy lifestyle. Here is a little more about me:

After 15 years designing and delivering public health solutions, I have discovered no greater public health intervention than the health coach. I am therefore equally committed both to disseminating health coaches throughout the healthcare industry, and on a personal level, to helping individuals detoxify their lives spiritually, emotionally and physically! Thus, I am 110% committed to helping YOU take back your God given right to health and happiness!

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Health Coach Link LLC

Take The Chance, It Could Change Your Life!

The ketogenic diet isn’t for everyone, and the benefits felt by some will not be felt by all who undergo the dietary changes. If you’re interested in trying out a ketogenic diet, but feel you could use a little bit more guidance and motivation, then this experience is perfect for you.

During this challenge, you’ll be joined by a group of likeminded participants who are dedicated to improving their health and quality of life by improving the balance of foods they consume and their awareness of the nutrients they consume.

My goal for this experience is to act as a resource for each of you. I’ll be supporting you every step of the way - answering questions, motivating you through difficult days, and providing challenges daily to hold you accountable. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to test out whether the ketogenic diet could change your life for the better!

I Can’t Wait to Get Started with You on Monday, April 8th!