Propel Your Career! Design an Award-Winning Wellness Program

Learn the Secret Sauce to Designing a Public Health Intervention that Works!


Receive praise from your supervisors, employees, and clients!

Never again have to worry about how to design a public health solution that works!


As a result of your participation in this webinar:

You will become more successful!

Your clients/members/employees will thank you for creating a life changing program that has improved their health!

During this one hour live webinar, you will learn my proprietary four step formula for designing an award winning public health program or lifestyle intervention! 

There will be a presentation followed by a live Q&A, and audience participation.

You will become more effective at your job or business, and greatly boost your chances of getting recongized for doing so!

The ideal person to attend this presentation is:

1. A healthcare executive or quality management person

2. A health coach who has or is looking to get new clients

3. A healthcare practitioner

4. A business owner who has employees

5. A Human Reseources Representative at a Company

We at Health Coach Link LLC are offering this free class to you because we are passionate about helping you design interventions that work to make all Americans healthier!

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